Receive Refrigerator Repair Services in San Antonio, TX

In the modern home, a working refrigerator is essential. It’ll keep your food from spoiling, preserve it frozen for long periods of time, and helps you organize the food you have. When your refrigerator breaks or isn’t working properly, you feel the difference. You might feel the difference in spoiled food because the fridge doesn’t stay cold enough, or on your energy bill because it takes more power to keep it cold. No matter the problem with your refrigerator, the team at Mike’s Appliance Repair Service knows how to fix it.

Whether your refrigerator doesn’t get cold enough, or it’s too cold, our repair staff will be able to figure out the problem and fix it. Other problems such as leaks, excessive noise, a sweaty door, excessive run time or difficulties with the lightbulb can also be easily fixed with a call to Mike's Appliance Service. We offer refrigerator repair services for all major makes and models of refrigerators, including commercial varieties.

Customer service is our top priority at Mike’s Appliance Repair Service. We know how to solve any problem your refrigerator can have, and we want to help you with the best customer service we can provide. You can rely on us to deliver quick, respectful service that gets your fridge running again in no time.

If you're having refrigerator troubles, you can count on us to solve them. Feel free to give us a call to schedule refrigerator repair services today.